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Real Spill with Meko was originated with the idea of being a podcast. And while Meko will soon be entering into the world of podcasting, this live show has a few elements that goes beyond just podcasting.

One of the reasons why she wanted to start this show is because one of the drawbacks of living today is that sometimes there is just too much information in regards to living life these days.

And because of that, it's easy to get caught up in trying to be someone that you're not. And with so much information upon us—we rely on friends and family to help us to weed out the good, the bad, and the useless. But like you, Meko understands that sometimes we unfortunately just don't always have friends and family available to us due to several different reasons.

But she created this show because it's necessary to be straightforward, open, and honest when dealing with real life issues. Therefore, this is a platform for those of us who do and don't always have a real outlet to listen to, as well as to talk to that will help to get us through our good and bad times.


People are always talking about praying and receiving things from God, but this show reference how we must pray and act, pray and vote, pray and love. We must pray and get busy, we have to get involved and get our hands dirty, we have to do the work as we get in position to receive the blessings.

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Coming Soon!