Hiding secrets isn’t anything new to the Bass family, but the great Snow family has a few secrets of their own that can no longer be hidden. And as usual, when the hidden truths come out it can affect everything, as families and relationships can fall completely apart.


But for some people, being loyal doesn’t mean as much when you’re poor, because you don’t have a lot of options. So you’re prone to do whatever’s needed to survive. – Whereas being loyal when you’ve gained a lot of money, power, and respect. That however, holds a lot more weight when Honey is involved.


And after having an intervention with both Keenan and Tru to help her, nothing pleases Tristan’s BAMTs more than for them to prove to her why they appreciate being her Boyfriend-And-Man-Tools more than she knows. – While Hamilton may leave his loyalty to Tristan placed with her laying in a hospital bed, if she's not careful.

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