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You and I Together


Let’s elevate— rise to a higher power— a positive position promoting and placing ourselves in a present state of peace, patience, love, and hope.


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Human Life is a book inspired to help assist with our emotional well-being, it sheds light on how important it is to be in touch with your true self.

We are all human, so at some point or another, we all face challenges in our lives. And those challenges can come from work, our relationships, financial problems, or simply poor choices that we’ve made or habit’s that we’ve developed. Or it might be (and usually is) a combination of any or all of these things.

Human Life speaks on how our hard-pressed ancestors managed to survive so many disasters, so many shocking changes of place, food, and climate. And they did it with an open-mind, versatility, realism, and their willingness to learn.

Today, the question of the meaning of being human, can be hard depending on who you ask. And rightfully so when you take a good look at certain situations. Combined with the manner of how some of us see ourselves today is veraciously disturbing.

This book has different approaches to understanding yourself. Who are you? How do you prioritize your values? Worthy goals; what are yours?


Tristan Bass’s uncle nicknamed her “Honey.” Everyone thought it was because she was so sweet, but six-year-old Tristan knew better. He was referring to the honey he found between her thighs. It was a cruel gain by a sexual pervert, but the nickname stuck.


As an adult, Tristan realizes how valuable her honey truly is. She only has to offer a man a taste to add him to her stable of BAMTs—boyfriends and man tools. Chief among her BAMTs are Keenan and Tru, loyal friends who would do anything to defend her. Throw in Tristan’s two protective brothers, and it seems like nothing can touch her. She is safe, powerful, rich, and respected—everything she ever wanted.


Then Tristan meets Hamilton Snow. Wealthy, charismatic, and seductively powerful, Snow quickly captures Tristan’s heart. Because like her, he's a person who values power and control above all else.


As Tristan work and negotiates her way to the ownership of the Relief Spa and Massage Therapy Parlor, she continues to parlay honey for money and influence. And when one of her people becomes a big problem, he’s going to discover just how much power Honey truly has.

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Chase Jordan, also known as “CJ”, runs a few successful companies. She is loved and admired in her city and its surrounding areas. As for her personal life, it’s complicated, but she knows that she can rely on a strong bond of loyalty among her group of tightly knitted friends.

But those bonds are put to the test during their annual luxury-cabin getaway weekend—and CJ has only herself to blame when sex, lies, and deceit end up costing her far more than heartbreak and betrayal.

CJ’s street hustler boyfriend, Lamar, has been there for her through good times and bad. So has Chris. At first, CJ thinks that she can keep her sexual encounters with Chris under wraps. But when their deeper passion for each other is unveiled, their little dabbling in deceit unleashes a firestorm of deadly emotional turmoil. Lamar is determined to make Chris and CJ pay for their infidelity with revenge, sex, and violence. But Chris’s girlfriend, Kris, has an even more devastating way of showing how Chris and CJ have hurt her.

This engrossing work of compelling fiction, the debut novel by author Meko, is filled with real-world drama that will keep you wanting more.


Chase must put personal ethics before personal revenge—therefore, moving on with her life is what she decides to do. And while watching her every move, Chris assembles an airtight defense by gathering a few good men to assure her safety.

Daunting with fear is not her way to live, even with an unparalleled enemy coming for her head—CJ is headstrong, and her security is even stronger. But will it matter to the unyielding hatred that’s still lingering from her past?

In this sequel, friendships are still being tested when an unforeseen tragedy turns into something far grander than just a small dispute. It’s now in the hands of the detectives, and their investigating may make things worse than they are.

For years, the reality of Chase’s family is to put love first and everything else second, and that includes loving close friends. Then a time comes when the unthinkable happens, a surprising incident with an unpreventable hardship that hurts the family.



Prepare to order BETTER Chase, Volume 3 of “The Chase Series” to find out how Chase will recover and align herself to possibly be the one to eliminate her thorn before he strikes again.

Her unflinching will to get back in control of her own life is intriguing.


A brutal murder, twisting mysteries of love, and a shockingly deep rooted secret may even be the beginning to the end of this series.


Unless a sudden change of events calls for the show to go on—and a rigid surprise of hardcore actions may now become a continued way of life at this point for CJ and her family.

Stay connected to see how this volume will open new doors—or will all doors lead to the beginning to the end of it all?




Meko's Kids Books (MKB) was developed to help parents and teachers with their leading actions of preparing children for their future.

Meko feels like the readiness and ability of our toddlers and preschool aged children is still a big responsibility of ours as adults. Therefore, helping with building their true love for learning is substantial to Eagle Life Publications in general.


She believes that the tangible benefits of this Smart & Early Learning initiative, will be fun for your child's learning experiencesas we join you with teaching them fun brain growth. As their values are being created.

We invite you to keep in touch with us for more information that's being developed with Meko's Kids Books, as she continues to work on creating kid-friendly books and so much morethat's aimed to help with developing curious mini-minds.


Check Out What's Available Now!


Have fun with teaching children how to identify the letters of the alphabet with this letter book!

The Letter Book has bold images of people, places, animals, numbers, and more! It helps to prepare children for an easy path to going into preschool and kindergarten, by matching fun everyday pictures with the letters of the alphabet!

This book is early learning that helps with developing important skills of identifying letters, while exercising their thinking as they characterize airplanes, cars, food, shapes, and more!

This is a great gift for toddlers!


Little minds are full of questions, and this book of why? Is a great addition to any home or school library and beyond!

Its colorful read-aloud context will help your child to stay engaged in finding out more, as we help to create a fun learning experience!

Why does it rain? Why do bees make honey? Why do we need sleep?

These questions and many more are asked and answered!

This is a “must-have” on every kid’s book shelf!

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